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     ”….” The tiny bickering between the kids was enough to spark a hint of exasperation from Haruka, but he tried his hardest not to pay mind to it, though there were some doubts that he could for very long. With the time he and Rin has shared with these two they were everything but an easy pair to take care of. Recalling the time he was about to report to the police regarding the children, it was anything but successful seeing that the elder of the two was so fixed staying away from the police. It was troublesome, although until he and Rin figured out something to get them back to their family they would have to be the caretakers.

     People these days…

     It was Rin’s voice that intercepted his train of thought, seeing the other male donating his own piece to Hibiki, the faintest glimmer of amusement shone in those bright azure optics as he was reminded of the frequent arguments over the table between Makoto’s younger twin siblings.

     Having to be so use to living by himself, Haruka honestly felt foreign to this feeling ….
A shake of his head before taking a bite of his meal.

      “I know that with these two around, we won’t be able to get our plans done but we can’t just keep them here forever… so where do you wanna go to start their search—?” 

      Since the police was out of the question, they’d have to do this on their own. Sadly the boy’s memories weren’t that great and they can only remember places by the surroundings such as cakes and lots of people. Difficult part was, they were in Tokyo and those specifics were pretty common out here so looking for a specific place is going to be a lot harder than it is.

      Rin looked to his dolphin once more and made a face of concern, “We can recheck malls…maybe their parents are there searching?”

     Taking another piece of meat, the redhead happily savored his love’s cooking. “…. maybe someone put up a poster or something….” Thinking about it, made his hopes fall a bit. Negative thoughts started to overcome his thoughts, such as what if no one was looking anghe boys were abandoned..? It’d be pretty upsettign and inhumane.

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(Source: pridefulshark)

【 lɪғᴇ ᴀs ᴡᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪᴛ || apocalypse au 】;


                           —— ぼくの… せいだ。


——ぼくは… 恥ずかしい……… ごめんなさい

    What do you do… when everything you’ve fought for, is destroyed before your very eyes? What happens, when someone close to you trusts you with their entire life, and you turn your back on them when they needed it the most? Make the wrong decisions at the wrong time?
———Where do you go….. when everybody you have… everybody you
 had, was gone forever?



    The morning sun peered past a gap in the clouded sky. Sharp light shone through the canopy of a small, dense woods, enlightening part of the area with gaudy rays, the occasional breeze showering leaves over a lightened glade. An awfully peaceful day, for a devastating setting.

    Seated before a graveyard, the raven-haired figure bleakly observed the wreckage of the insignificant little campsite. The surrounding air was polluted with a rancid odor of expiring carcasses, all sorts of objects ranging from food, to clothes — guns and bullets scattered between the bodies of friends and strangers. What were once the material made for tents and makeshift shelters now tattered and torn used to wrap the mutilated bodies of his comrades.

    This was no longer something taken straight out of a horror film; far past it now. This was the sick reality where the remnants of Japan were left for dead, a world-wide disaster where misfortune, misery and death were hidden behind every shadow and the sound of terrified screams, deafening bullets and tearing flesh drove lives of the innocent and guilty into desperation and insanity. 

    What good could he do for anybody now? He was the one with the parents who would rather abandon their only child in the midst of the chaos to save themselves and claimed to have survived alone ever since, until he was found and taken into the specialized facility of top security, where he was taught how to survive against the flesh-eating creatures outside if ever forced back into that harsh environment. That should have been enough to keep the small group he escaped with alive, shouldn’t it?….
So why didn’t it?

    Had it merely been a month since the nearest military-survival base had been overrun by the infected. Goes to show that even the strongest of sites, that had withheld survivors for years was no longer a sanctuary for safety. Ever since the outbreak - humanity itself was on the verge of extinction. No matter how skilled you are, how smart, how fast - how lucky; you were as good as dead if you stopped moving. That was the painful lesson Haruka learned last night.

    The stirring of wind against leaves finally broke him away from his emptying conscience, approaching the dump of littered, rotting corpses until he knelt into a puddle of viscous scarlet, dirt covered hands stiffly clutching around a flesh stained rifle before staggering off the ground. Its been six years of living in this grim existence, yet not a single sliver of recovery has shown for the single smartest species on earth. So, what good is there to come for somebody facing this all alone, their only form of company being the moaning, groaning cannibalistic monsters wandering the streets? No friends, family… just animals waiting capture you under their disgusting hands and have you for their next meal.

    Pointing the nose of the artillery under his jaw, a finger slipped itself around the trigger. Fuck it all. If he could choose between living an entire lifetime of hell, or ceasing to exist altogether — he’d opt for the second. He took long lungful of oxygen, but instantly regretting that and coughed against the foul stench of the air. Smells like shit

    But none of that matters anyhow. He would take the easy way out now… to think he wasted his years learning things he’d only throw away in the end. Admittedly Haru thought no better of himself for that, but somehow the corners of his lips crease to form a bitter smile. It was amusing in a morbid sense that he really turned out no better than anyone else, funny how he could take years of neglect from ignorant parental figures or be seen as some sort of outcast among peers, not the slightest of care for anybody living at the time if they were to shut him out, secluding himself from the rest of society - whether they reached out or not. And here he was now, standing alone with a face written in defeat, heartbeats away from blowing out his brain; guilt-ridden for the fact he couldn’t save the handful of people that may have held for him genuine care. The more thought put into it, the more it would twist the non-existent knife in his heart: being alone…. it was horrifying.

    Azure sights gently flutter shut for the last time, features resuming that deadpan expression. No matter though… there was only one thing left to do.

       End it.

It’s hard to wake up to find life as you know it nothing but a distant memory. The once flush, lively place he called home was now a deserted source of destruction, despair. Bodies loitering the streets, the sidewalks, hanging from various areas. Some whole, some half and some barely recognizable. You’d think and animal should’ve done this; no a human. — Well more so a creature. They weren’t humans anymore.

The walking dead quickly took over the town overran the citizens that were nowhere near prepared for something like this. Military bases becoming filled over capacity holding the first the ones with social standings, then the woman and children. Not that it was a bad idea, Matsuoka Rin had a family of his own. A mother and a sister. He could fend for himself, so to have those two kept somewhere safe, he was able to breath. He’d catch up to them soon right? He’d serve his part and aid in ridding the creatures.

Walking in, you feel fear.
You see your life before your eyes.
You see things that you wouldn’t DREAM of. Men falling prey to these monsters. Regular teeth ripping through flesh as it is was mere steak. The sounds etching in your head to be remembered for the rest of your life. It creates a horrific, gruesome scene. Once you’ve seen half of the things that he’s seen, you’d be ready to take anything on. Some might even decided to take the easy way out.

You’d think that right..?

'…if I clear this area I can see Mom and Gou again…'

'We can be together as a family…’

His heart raced as they finally cleared the area and made their way back towards the base by jeep. The smiles that covered his units face were something that really set the mood despite holding rifles and covered head to toe in blood. A small glimmer of hopes to be reunited with loved ones made their spirits rise huger than ever.

Seriously, tell your sister I said hi!❞ A fellow soldier nudges Rin wearing a rather big grin. The shorter rolled his eyes.

Like hell…she’s off limits. He said all too quickly, hoisting his gun over his shoulder. ..man..it feels like we’ve been out here forever, huh? He said as the vision of the base drew near.

Yeah well first thing in doing when I get back is eat..fuck everything else. 

Seijuurou, that’s disgusting least shower first.  Rin replied, his voice falling flat as the wheel rolled over a bump which Rin hoped was a body.

Ahhh—whichever comes first~

EVERYONE LOOK!!❞ A frantic voice called out pulling everyone’s attention towards said appointed area.

The base.

The thick gate that once served as a barrier, the whole thing had fallen. Bodies were spotted, some moving, some motionless. Some limping — no of which were ‘living’..

Instantly the jeeps stopped. All men had to stand in awe.

This…this isn’t happening… One voice said, the overwhelming disbelief clearly noticeable in his tone.

That place was meant to keep those bastards out……

Rin stood last, eyes widening soaking in the fact that his family was in there. There were undead there..where his family was.


The wheels of his ride were still and yet his body was running on it’s own adrenaline. Without thinking he leaped from the back and made his way on foot, guns blazing as his recklessly made for those front doors. Was he alone? He didn’t know. The voices behind him were mere blurs; the only thoughts in his head were his mother and his sister.

Were they here? Are they alive?


'—- You'd expect a happy ending right?

They’d be hiding out in a closet praying that they’d get saved. By some godsend miracle this place had an extra underground shelter and they retreated once the undead made their way in.

Just like in the movies.

You’d run feeling like the life is draining from you with each step. You have no air in your lungs, you wanna cry, you wanna cling to that hope that what you’re looking for is still there, waiting for you. ‘

                 A l l w i l l b e f i n e.


His voice was raspy, tears strolled down as the lifeless body of a middle aged woman lay over another. Chunks of flesh missing in various areas, but her face was fine.. despite the dried crimson splashed over it. Beneath her body was another. A girl. Also motionless.


Was it?

He walked over slowly. His feet felt lighter and lighter, by this point he felt as if he was floating and he knelt down and gently moved the body of his mom from above. Looks like she was put down. There was a hole on the side of her head. — that hurt all the more. He wasn’t even there for her final moments.

A look to the body that his mother covered. His blood ran cold moving the hair that covered her face.


…. A heavy sigh of relief when he realized it wasn’t Gou. This gave him that shred of hope that she’s still alive…maybe.

Just then a loud thunderous sound of footsteps drew close. We have to get out if here…this place is going up in 5! Seijuuro informed. His glowing amber hues looked to see what Rin had been doing. Instantly he fell quiet.

…my sister is somewhere here. I’m not going anywhere until she’s found.

I heard a group were taken to another base.. Maybe she went with them! We’ve cleared this whole place nothing is here aside those things! We gotta go Rin!

There was hope. That’s what Seijuuro was telling him.

Alright.. Looking over to his mom he said his final goodbyes and pulled himself to his feet.

             ---     4 years later      ---

It’ll be a quick run, promise. He assured his sister before gently pressing a kiss to her forehead before heading out. Right, Haru. he addressed the raven haired male. Seemed like in a this mess, Haru managed to make it through these last six years of shit too. Surprising really. Keep an eye on her, I’m just gonna head out to scour the area. It shouldn’t be more than an hour or two. Tops— 

Mistake Number 2.

'It doesnt take much to trick a person. It doesn't take much for a person to fall for temptation. — I left for an hour and a half. Record time, what I came back to, it was just an ugly repeat of last time. Everything was gone, you ask yourself why? Then you wonder if things would've been different. —'

Haru!! Gou!! He called out running through the area. Rin’s voice echoing through the streets hoping that someone would answer. There went the hope once more. Everything was going black, his chest grew heavier, his eyes stung with that familiar sting as tears welled.



There. In the distance…

Haru!! He cried out heading over to where Haru sat with a gun held to his head. His feet picking up full speed until he was within reach were he grabbed that wrist and slammed it trying to shake the gun from his grasp. What the hell are you doing?! What happened?! 

‘Even more…where is everyone..?