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                   [Hi! I’m not too new to the fandom, but this muse is gonna be
                    a work in progress. Mun is over 18+ and willing most sorts of
                    roleplays. Single-ship as of now but subject to change if need
                    be, although shipping might not come quickly as I don’t ship
                    Sou with anyone right now. So please if you will, reblog this
                    and get out and about into the fandom; that would be lovely!]

Could you please reblog this if it’s okay for me to come into your inbox even if we haven’t rp’ed before?

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Song: 「Deep Moment」

Artist: Haruka Nanase [CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki]



Haruka’s new character song that can be heard on Iwatobi Channel ES episode 3 with Daisuke Hirakawa as a special guest! Here’s a clip of it w/o any talk-over from Zakki or Hirarin!!

Due to come out August 20!



  1. Do you have a personal?
  2. Do you have a favourite season?
  3. Do you have a favourite colour?
  4. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  5. Do you have a favourite quote?
  6. Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?
  7. Where in the world do you want to visit?
  8. Why did you pick your muse?
  9. How do you feel about your fandom in general?
  10. How do you feel about OCs?
  11. How do you feel about compulsory education?
  12. If you could learn any language, what would you choose to learn?
  13. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to roleplaying?
  14. What is your favourite thing about roleplaying?
  15. How seriously do you take horoscopes?
  16. Can you do a handstand?
  17. How did you first get introduced to tumblr?
  18. How much faith do you have in tarot card readings?
  19. Have you ever played the lottery?
  20. Has any film ever changed your life and if so what was it and why?
  21. If you could have any power, what would you choose to have?
  22. What’s your favourite song?
  23. How has your day been?
  24. List five things you’ll do everyday without fail
  25. List five of your favourite characters
  26. List five of your least favourite characters
  27. Would your rather grow a beard or a moustache?
  28. How high can you jump?
  29. What ship was your first ever OTP?
Fine. Tell Nanase that you hate him and that mackerel sucks.
tokyoshark said—

       ; — And what? Appease you? Yeah, sure. Though mackerel does suck.

Skype Shenanigans || Sou & Rin

→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: SOUSUKE.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: IM GETTING MARRIED.
Pervert Whaleshark: ...
Pervert Whaleshark: TO WHO?
Pervert Whaleshark: NANASE!?
Pervert Whaleshark: NO.
Pervert Whaleshark: I FORBID IT.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: ...... It's not Haru.
Pervert Whaleshark: WHO IS IT.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Why? Tch.
Pervert Whaleshark: TELL ME NOW.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Give me a reason.
A damn good one.
Pervert Whaleshark: I'm jealous.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: .................
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: You should be.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: I'm gonna be spending a lot of time inside her.
Pervert Whaleshark: …Excuse me?
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Yeah.
Pervert Whaleshark: /Her/?
Pervert Whaleshark: Name.
Pervert Whaleshark: /Now/.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Mnnn.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: ;turns away.
→ R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Her name's Gym. Gym Nasium.
Pervert Whaleshark: ...
Pervert Whaleshark: Are you an idiot.

It was exactly what you imagined. I was studying abroad, hit a wall, then stumbled and couldn’t get back up. That was all. I even thought about quitting. But I was saved.

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                                            ⊹Kishi-tekina’s Follow Forever

          ⁅   ooc;; Hello everyone! I recently reached yet another milestone on this amazing blog — 400+ Followers! I’m honestly so surprised to have received this many in such a short amount of time. In order to commemorate this outstanding achievement (for me, at least) I put together a list of roleplayers that have influenced me, blown me away with their writings and became some of my closest, most cherished friends in the entire world. Also, I recently reblogged a post, resulting in a special promotional section on this F.F. I’ve seen these mun’s writing and portrayal of their characters, and I can honestly say that they are some of the most talented people on this website (not saying that anyone who’s not on there isn’t, of course!
              Ah, enough of my rambling for now. Here’s the follow forever!  

     { Bold - Homies/awesome people I’ve talked to, Italics - People I admire (from afar if we haven’t spoken yet! }

     Dash Royalty! —- Everyone should follow these lovelies!

aquaticallyfree caballxro hikxru luxrhopalocera midoruka ▪ paruparou ▪ princequeer ▪ ritorukabu sousukexyamazaki ▪ the-other-okumura  }

     Teammates! —- My homodachis, my closest friends, my Skype family!

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     Important Swimmers! —- Free! roleplayers on my dash that I love! (And you will, too! )

absqux a-irashii amicusxfidelis butterfly-ryugazaki caextus cetaceaviride effervescentcaptain female-dolphin furiisutairu gentleasakitten gentle-killer-makoto  gentlewhalecaptain gouforfree hatredfordolphins in-drift-rence irxka  japansseaotter jikyuuryoku  kawausoyo koumatsuo letsgoufar lethalxleviathan lenisbalena  littlemikoshibas megarei  mikoshibaxjr  momoxtarou monarchis mxtsuokx  nagibure  naucrxtes  nanxse  nesshinna nxnxse oyxgu partis-dentibus pridefulshark princessrinrin pxdanticism pxrsistence requxn rnakorel  sameshiga samezukakohai  samezuka-sharknado  sharkbiitten shinkuzame  shyseal  sukoushi  swimmingxbonds sxmezuka theoreticalpapilionoidea  thesnarkyshark tokyoshark untamedblue  viridiorca waterpoloxhero  xformosus  xmigiwa xoxonagisa  xshemai xtaachibana ▪ }

     Out of Fandom Roleplayers! —- Talented writers portraying muses outside of the Free!dom that are really amazing!

bxkaku  caedxs chillmixologist  cxmxs  golden-eyed-hero  goldenseamstress  jasutisu  llxvia  lonely-nase oftrashandcats  onajimix overstained rikxto suuima ▪ }

          ⁅ ooc;; If you’re not on here, it simply means we haven’t talked much, or I forgot to add you! Thank you so much again for following and interacting with me and my muse! I appreciate it greatly, and I’m looking forward to many more interactions with everyone! XOXO, Mun  


                 "I want to try to find it...that something..."

• One liners • Multi Para • Novella
• 9+ years of Rping • 4 years on tumblr
• Read High☆Speed!!
• Caught up in the anime
• OC friendly
• Skype is avalible to mutuals
• 20+ age mun
• Likes homo swimmers a bit too much.

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I can’t believe I reached 100+ followers in a day! I enjoyed rping with lovely people on here and I guess those people needs some recognition or something. I didn’t think anyone would rp with an OC especially an OC in a bog fandom playing an unappreciated sport. So here’s to the people who are my darlings and who I love and support! 

The Baes
For the people that I've known and rped with from old blogs

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