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Free! by zzyzzyy



{♣} ||       ….Maa, maa.  Who’s Rin? You know, that redhead idiot goofball——
                                               Ooops. That might have been very vague.

        }     Red hair. — Tends to get called an idiot. ( by a certain bartender… ) This kid is asking for it.
                                                 ”Who the hell’re you.?”





—It’s a sleeping bag. “You’ll sleep in this from now on.”

No words.

        “…” The fact Haru actually spent money on this ridiculous thing.

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    Too late. The image of Rin with his long, flowing, red hair is already swaying back and forth in his mind. So, so pretty…


   “Wait here.” Goes off to retrieve.

         Clueless, sharky is clueless. — And for some reason, he has a bad feeling.. Haru is liking this long hair a bit much so he can only imagine whatever silly thing said dolphin picked up from the market.

(Source: pridefulshark)